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  • How To Take Your Social Media To The Next Level
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How To Take Your Social Media To The Next Level

Traditionally, a television, print, or radio campaign was used to disseminate messaging, but as newer generations mature, statistics show that they are consuming less television programming and more social media.It becomes of paramount importance then to be able to learn how to strategically leverage social media for your business.
Anybody can use social media; few can use it well. Are you stuck posting the same, bland content and curated content time and time again? Have you wondered how to take your business’ social media strategy to the next level?
Here I will share companies that are innovators in the social media marketing space as well as some examples of businesses that have optimized their social media platforms exceptionally well.
Interactive Social Vending
Nothing says convenience more than a vending machine does, but it the concept of a vending machine has not changed much with time. You pay money; you get a commodity. Pretty straightforward.
Changing the way consumers interact with brands, interactive social vending machines dispense gifts (such as a gift card) in return for the user’s engagement. These engagements may include adding a brand’s account on Snapchat, or posting to Instagram or Twitter using a specific hashtag.
This new spin on an old idea creates buzz and excitement, not only around the vending machine, but also for your brand. Social vending helps to grow your social media fans and followers, which will drive foot traffic to your retail locations, conference booths, and other physical spaces where you want people to visit. When you pair User-Generated Content (UGC) with social vending, you activate a force multiplier for your marketing efforts.
Flowics Events and Big Displays
Since ancient times, humans have gathered around a fire to be social, to interact with each other, and to exchange and give ideas. Millions of years later, nothing much has changed. Instead of gathering around fires, humans now gather around events, and by default, displays.
With Flowics Events and Big Displays, you can now broadcast your brand by promoting it on a big screen that will be seen by a large audience. With social media alone, the burden is on the user to open the platform at the right time to see your content or else it gets buried in the newsfeed. By promoting the message on a big screen in a stadium during a sporting event or a tradeshow, you ensure people will see it.