6 Week

6 Week

  Designed for intermediate PHP developers, PHP Fundamentals allows developers to more advance their skilled skills within the PHP language and adopt business best practices. It utilizes a active approach diode by AN tough teacherwith various examples and sensible exercises supported reality code development practices to boost the hands on learning expertise.  

What will I learn?

  PHP Fundamentals I provide you with an outline of the PHP language, main ideas, and helps you develop and adopt the methodologies and best practices of secret writing professionally in PHP. This category is appropriate for non-programmers and code developers at a starting level.      

What will I be able to achieve?

  • Understand the syntax and structural elements of PHP
  • Know how to correctly apply the various control-flow structures
  • Understand PHP data types, type-juggling, and operator precedence
  • Organize code into reusable functions
  • Accomplish tasks using PHP's wealth of built-in file system and array functions
  • Understand essential elements of HTTP such as cookies and sessions
  • Understand the basics of validating input and escaping output
  • Build forms to collect information from a user
  • Interact with a database using PHP's MySQL functions



  This course is designed for PHP developers who have at least 6 months of active development/experience with PHP. An understanding of object-oriented programming in PHP is helpful.


  This course assume the completion of the PHP Foundations Programmers courses or equivalent information and development expertise. This course needs a foundation-level information of the PHP language and syntax.


Introduction To PHP
  • What is Web?
  • Introduction to PHP for Web Development & Web Applications
  • History & Future Scope of PHP
  • Benefit & Importance of PHP in web applications
  • Installation of tools for working in PHP like XAMPP, WAMP for PHP, Apache & MySQL


Language Basics
  • Introduction to Language constructs like Variables, Syntax, constants: Naming rules for variables, PHP’s inbuilt data types
  • Introduction of PHP Keywords
  • Comments, Operators & Expressions Arithmetic, Assignment, Comparison, Logical Operators)
  • String & echo, print for outputting in web page: string functions
  • Using Loop Statement like for, for each, do while, while, switch case, go to, and continue.
  • Working with flow control through Control Statement: if-else, if-else ladder
  • What is an Array? Simple array declaration, use of array
  • Numeric Array, Associative Array, Multidimensional Array
  • Array Functions, explode & implode functions
PHP Functions
  • Defining User functions
  • Passing parameter & return value
  • Use of Math functions
  • String functions
  • Date & time function
  • Date formats
  • Timestamp
  • Include
  • Require


Files Input/Output
  • Opening of file/ Closing of File/ file operations
  • Write, Read & Change Attributes of Files


PHP Forms
  • Using html controls in web page
  • Master/Child Page Concept


MYSQL Database Connection
  • Creating Database & Tables/ privileges /creating users
  • Using Database Queries for accessing & manipulating data from database
  • Opening Database Connection/closing database connection
  • Select/Insert/delete & Update Database from forms
State Management
  • Using Session in web pages for user authentication
  • Using Cookies in web pages for user authentication
  • Query String/ encryption


Controls With Database Connection
  • Submitting & showing data to/from web controls from/to database
  • Uploading files to server/ upload form /upload script
  • Sending emails/ email script


Error & Exception Handling
  • Introduction to Exception handling: Using Try/catch/throw
  • Creating Custom exception
Object Oriented Programming
  • Classes, Object & Constructor & Destructor
  • Using Access Specifier
  • Inheritance
  • Overloading
  • Magic Methods


  • Introduction to AJAX
  • Implementation of Ajax techniques on webpages
  • Introduction, Adding templates
  • Adding features, Control Admin, activating & deactivating features, changing themes
Code Igniter(PHP++)
  • Introduction to MVC
  • Coding of Object Oriented PHP with Code Igniter
  • Website Development with Code Igniter