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  • The Next Revolution In B2B Sales
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The Next Revolution In B2B Sales

The digital transformation poised the need for a complete campaign overhaul for business-to-business (B2B) marketers.
Digital tools and trends drastically changed the way B2B companies sold to their customers. Digitization introduced new customer touchpoints, the need for mobile strategies, and more customer-centric organization structures. Buyer behaviors shifted, as did the way B2Bs had to market.
Now, B2B marketers are gearing up for another significant revolution – possibly the greatest yet. Here’s what you need to know about the latest B2B sales changes.
Video Calls Are on the Rise
Video calls are quickly replacing face-to-face meetings in the B2B community. With advanced video conferencing equipment and software on the rise, video calls are becoming more lifelike.
Callers can now see each other’s faces in high definition with no video feed interruptions. They can see body movements and hand gestures, closing the gap between real life interactions and technical ones. With evolving technologies, video calls are also becoming more affordable for B2B companies and small businesses.
Consumer services such as Microsoft’s Skype, Apple’s FaceTime, and Google’s Hangouts are making it easier than ever to jump onboard with video calls.
Virtual meeting rooms based in the cloud grant access to video calls to people around the world in real time, while unified communications applications make video conferencing possible across devices. Now brands can enjoy the benefits of video calls with minimal infrastructure investment.
Video calls eliminate travel costs for a B2B, saving thousands of dollars for many companies. It can also enhance employee interviews and training, cutting costs and the need to fly out potential candidates. Improved communication between remote and in-house team members can shorten project times and optimize productivity.
Finally, video calls can facilitate more efficient meetings, fostering stronger relationships with business contacts through non-verbal communication rather than just phone calls. Implement more video calls into your business plan this year, and see how it can improve your B2B.